Cloudpermit provides smart software solutions for local governments, development communities, and the public.

We make your work easy

Cloudpermit simplifies the building permit process by digitalizing it and having it all in one digital space. Building departments of any size have access to tools that are traditionally only available to larger cities. Since it’s cloud-based, municipal building departments can modernize, innovate, digitalize, and access building permit processes – from applications to archives – from anywhere, anytime.

Why municipal building departments use Cloudpermit

To save time and money

Municipal building departments save up to 50% of their time (in development, operations, implementation, application intake, etc.) in building permit processes by using Cloudpermit instead of paper-based systems.

With Cloudpermit, municipal building departments say goodbye to:

  • Officials submitting information in application systems
  • A flood of emails (emails are replaced by an orderly workflow)
  • Unnecessary phone calls (up-to-date information is available within the platform)
  • Scanning, copying, transferring, and archiving paper forms and drawings
  • Office space and work-hours restrictions (municipal building departments and applicants can use Cloudpermit anywhere, anytime)

Cloudpermit is developed for, and with, municipal building departments

Cloudpermit is an end-to-end e-permitting solution that benefits all stakeholders – it allows municipal building departments and their customers to complete the entire permit life cycle in one digital space.  

As a cloud solution, users can access their permits when it’s convenient for them – anytime, anywhere. IT teams never have to worry about updating the system as all new product features are automatically updated in Cloudpermit.

Implementation is fast and easy

Municipal building departments can start using the system within weeks. Cloudpermit’s implementation is not costly or time-consuming like it can be with other software – municipal building departments can start using the system within weeks of signing the contract.


Our story

Our commitment to developing the best community development software for local governments, applicants, builders, third-party agencies, and the public has led us to where we are today – working with close to 500 local governments with small, medium, and large populations.  

Ten years ago, we noticed a gap in community development software. Most solutions were only accessible to the largest populations and only touched the surface of what local governments need.  

So, we created a cost-effective, cloud-based, accessible, and SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution for communities of all sizes that is easy to use for everyone involved in land management processes. Not only that, but we also make implementing a new system simple as we implement Cloudpermit within weeks, not months or years.  

Our software was created by the same group it was created for – local governments. It’s important to us that our end users play a part in developing our software since they’re the ones using it. And it goes beyond development, we treat our customers as individuals and work to configure the software to meet their needs.  

We’re excited to keep growing our software with you to serve you even better.

Our mission

We want to empower local governments with our simple community development software and make all land management processes easy for all parties through cloud-based, accessible, and user-friendly ways of working.

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