Cloudpermit will enable local government planning departments to manage approval processes online and streamline development processes.

Planning departments will be able to offer seamless online application submission, manage pre-consultations, conduct approvals, collaborate with, and circulate to, third-party agencies.  

Our revolutionary digital solution will promote efficiency, accessibility, and transparency by bringing the development community and local government planners online in a collaborative digital workspace.

View of Planning approval workspace.View of Pre-consultation workspace.
View of project dashboard.

Both sides of the planning approval process will receive automatic status updates, interactive mapping, easy-to-use online forms, digital plan and document submissions, fees management, and online payment capabilities. Cloudpermit’s solution will support, depending on the local organization, decision-making in local government committees and local government or county councils.

Planning departments will be able circulate pre-consultations and complete applications to internal and external stakeholders, monitor legislative timelines, conduct plan and document reviews, and provide feedback online. They will also be able to cut down on paper and provide unparalleled customer service with a fully digital planning approval experience.

View of creating new circulation request.

To learn more about our goal to revolutionize the planning approval process, please reach out to us.